Pro Loco

The Pro Loco San Cassiano association was born in 1986, thanks to the initiative of the then parish priest of the fraction Don Piero Medici and a group of local young people who followed it with enthusiasm and was made official by Notary Giuseppe Beccari on 07/16/1986. The founding group, integrated over the years by new members, has formed in these years of activity, and still forms it, the driving structure of the association. The sole purpose of this has been for all these years of activity will for the future be to do something useful for the residents. The Association, thanks to the income deriving from the organized events and also thanks to the financial aid from the Municipal Administration, has managed to build and / or make functional the sports and recreational facilities present in San Cassiano, making them available to all residents for sporting and recreational activities. The main events organized by the Pro Loco that have achieved a good result and are now known at the regional level are the “Summer Festival”, scheduled for the first weekend of August, and the “Sagra e Palio”, scheduled the last Sunday of September. For the next few years, the Association plans to build other structures of public utility.